About Project

Who and how we help?

The HowAid Foundation supports the poorest children in Africa.
We send almost needed items such as clothes and materials for elementary learning


Why HowAID is awesome?

We Deliver special movie dedicated especially for You with kid which is receiving your help package. In this way you have guarantee that your money have been spend for a good purpose And You by watching this video have lovable irreplaceable remembrance and excitement.

How it works?

How it works?

Enter HowAid.com
and look at kids' profiles.

Choose the kid and get to know
the history and basic necessities.

Check what she / he
needs and buy it.

your money.

The package is sent to
Africa to the local organisation.

The charity worker gives it to the child
and records the video like
"Thank You, Tommy"

You will receive the notification
from HowAid.com portal about
the video dedicated to you.

Watch the profile to see how
you deed improved your child's life.

Feel the power of help and profound gratitude of child!

Construction of service and help thousands of childrens

At this moment we help children by doing simple action. For a full help-action for a much bigger scale and minimize foundation costs we need intuitive service for donors and efficient management system for packages and volunteers.

Help us build service and by doing this you will be a donor for many of needy children